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Wireframing and webdesign

During the web design and wireframing process we take care of shaping a professional design for your website or application. This takes several steps from wireframing to designing a stylish photoshop mockup, and converting it to the required markup languages.

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What is wireframing?

A wireframe can be seen as the building plan of the interface for the website or application. With a wireframe you can immediately map the structure of a website or application and how the different parts are connected. A wireframe is a rough drawing, and is easy to put up.


Why wireframes?

Wireframes are an important part of the UI / UX. A wireframe is an early representation / sketch of what the end result of an app or website will look like. Wireframes are imaging and should help to quickly work out the structure and flow through an app.



When you design a website or application, it is important that the final product is user-friendly. By using wireframes you can determine the user-friendliness of your product in advance and adjust it if desired. The advantage here is that a wireframe is quickly adjusted, compared to finished code.



What is webdesign?

Web design is designing a website with aim to user-friendliness, conversion and the identity of a company. We work out your unique design to website template.


Unique design to website template

The different graphic elements are converted into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript files that serve as the basis for the structure, layout, elements and client-side functionality on the page.


Webdesign Integration within CMS - Custom Drupal theme

The design is converted into Drupal 8 compatible twig templates. Custom functionalities are integrated with Drupal, always according to the coding standards and best practices imposed by the Drupal community.