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Wireframing & Webdesign

The wireframe can be seen as the building plan of the interface for the website or application. With a wireframe you can immediately map the structure of a website or application and how the different parts are connected. A wireframe is a rough drawing, and is easy to put up.

During the web design and wireframing process we take care of shaping the professional design for your website or application. This takes several steps from wireframing to designing a stylish photoshop mockup, and converting it to the required markup languages.

Technical Analysis

The technical design document can be defined as "a key description made to facilitate analysis, planning, implementation and decision making of the application/website". Essentially, a technical design explains how a software product or function will be built to meet a range of technical requirements. If the technical requirement document explains all the functionalities for your project, the technical design document focuses on how it will be implemented.

Why a technical design?

Reading and writing software design documents - also named after technical design specifications - is part of ourroutine. It's important to remind ourselves why we should write it in the first place and what impact it can have on the ultimate success of your project. The technical design serves as a guide for the development team and other stakeholders throughout the project. A well-written, comprehensive technical design document should contain all the information a programmer needs to write the code.


A content management system (CMS) is a web based software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. We offer services to fully set up and configure the Drupal CMS, design and develop small to advanced theme and design and develop small to advanced modules in Drupal.

Drupal offers space for content growth and supports the most substantive sites and experiences. The design scales to drive more traffic, content and users. Whether you only have one or more than a thousand content contributors, Drupal can effectively handle impressive numbers of visitors, content and Drupal users.

Whether it's extreme traffic peaks at certain occasions or constant traffic, Drupal does it all with ease. Drupal is used by many companies and organizations to manage the content on the website themselves. Large companies love Drupal with the digital presence of big names.

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